Our Story

At the age of 7, Catherine was diagnosed as dyslexic, dysorthographic with ADD. During her school career, she was accompanied by various professionals, including neuropsychologists, special education teachers and teachers. This support has allowed her to meet challenges and achieve her ambitions without feeling restricted by her learning difficulties.

As Catherine's older sister, Caroline has closely followed her progress. Her entrepreneurial and innovative spirit has always led Caroline to continually look for ingenious solutions to help others. It was while completing her studies in biomedical engineering that she saw the opportunity to develop a project with Catherine, a graduate of the interactive media program.

In order to make the project a reality, Catherine decided to introduce Alexis and Charles, two students with whom she had worked on a virtual reality project. They share the enthusiasm of the benefits that new technologies can bring to the fields of education and health.

Our Mission

Aleo VR's mission is to contribute to the development and success of people with learning disabilities.

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Our Team

Aleo VR Caroline Bazinet

Chief Executive Officer

Bachelor's degree in biomedical engineering from Polytechnique Montreal

Founder of Santée Sensée Inc.

Aleo VR Charles Tetreault

Chief Operating Officer

Bachelor's degree in communication (interactive media) from UQAM

Multimedia integration techniques (DEC) from Cégep Édouard Montpetit

Aleo VR Alexis Maher

Chief Technology Officer

Bachelor's degree in communication (interactive media) from UQAM

Technical diploma in computer science - Management information systems (DEC) from Cégep Lionel-Groulx

Aleo VR Catherine Bazinet

Chief Creative Officer

Bachelor's degree in communication (interactive media) from UQAM

Graduate of a certificate in cultural animation at UQAM