Aleo VR Polytechnique Ingénieurs

Aleo VR welcomes six interns from Polytechnique Montreal

December 2021

Last fall, we had the opportunity to welcome six interns in software engineering from Polytechnique for their integration project.

During their internship, they were able to meet the challenges related to the integration of an emerging technology in the education sector, virtual reality. Their excellent work contributes greatly to providing a pedagogical tool for practitioners and students to enhance their learning.

We are looking forward to presenting the web application they have developed that offers a real added value during remediation sessions.

Thank you to the whole team and to their teacher Olivier Gendreau!

Tests at Hippo-Actions

December 2021

It is a pleasure to be welcomed back to the Clinique de réadaptation Hippo-Action and to see the faces of these young people light up in front of the Yeti's valley! It is a real reward to see the students having fun, playing and moving while learning.

Thank you to Léa Dufour, Jean-François Pichette and all the participants and their parents for their contribution to the project!

Aleo VR Test Cliniques Hippo-Action

Aleo celebrates its 2nd anniversary!

August 2021

Aleo VR celebrates its 2nd anniversary 🎉

Since its creation, we have had the chance to work with several professionals in this great adventure.

It's a pleasure to come together to celebrate and thank these talented people for their great work!

First tests in schools

May 2021

Aleo VR visits two schools to test the first game.

Many thanks to Anne-Marie Roy from Collège Sainte-Anne - preschool and elementary Dorval and to the management of École Saint-Joseph - 1985 for welcoming us in their establishment.

Aleo VR Test Écoles
Aleo VR Test Cliniques

First tests in orthopedagogy clinics

May 2021

Aleo VR performs its first tests of the game 01 with special education teachers.

This great success was possible thanks to the collaboration of Myriam Gagnon from the Clinique d'orthopédagogie Myriam Gagnon and Léa Dufour and Jean-François Pichette from the Clinique de réadaptation Hippo-Action.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and we are very grateful for your welcome!

Presentation of the project in Quebec City - Silicon Valley Innovation Series

April 2021

Aleo VR presents at the Quebec City - Silicon Valley Innovation Series conference. This event addresses the drastic changes in the health sciences innovation ecosystem.

Aleo VR Quebec Silicon Valley
Aleo VR Annonce La Guilde

Proud member of La Guilde du jeux vidéo du Québec

January 2021

Aleo VR becomes a member of La Guilde du jeu vidéo du Québec, a non-profit organization that supports and represents the Quebec video game industry throughout the province and internationally.

Its members share a common passion for innovation and video game development.

Proud member of the Edteq Association

November 2020

Aleo VR becomes a member of the Association of companies for the development of educational technologies in Quebec.

The Edteq Association is composed of passionate people who share the values of boldness, commitment and collaboration to have a lasting impact on education.

Aleo VR Annonce Edteq
Aleo VR Annonce Partenariat Hippo-Action

Partnership with the Hippo-Action

August 2020

Aleo VR is pleased to announce the partnership with Léa Dufourorthopedagogue and coordinator of orthopedagogy services at the Clinique de réadaptation Hippo-Action in Lévis.

Specialized in intervention with elementary school students, she loves to use games to promote the development of young people. It is with great enthusiasm that we begin this new collaboration!

Participation in the Innovinc RBC - Concrétisez Competition

June 2020

Aleo VR completes the entrepreneurial path after completing the competition training Innovinc. RBC – Concrétisez. During the final, on June 17th, the team was awarded a grant of excellence worth $8,500.
Aleo VR Annonce Bourse Pierre-Peladeau

Aleo VR wins the Pierre-Péladeau Grant worth $35,000!

May 2020

On May 14th, Aleo VR won one of the four Bourse-Pierre Péladeau 2020!

This distinction aims to help young Quebec entrepreneurs to start their business and we are very happy to have distinguished ourselves in this competition.

Partnership with the Clinique d'orthopédagogie Myriam Gagnon

December 2019

Aleo VR begins its partnership with the Clinique d'orthopédagogie Myriam Gagnon.

Since 2009, she has been offering personalized services and listening to the individual needs of the child or adult in learning. Her expertise and advice contribute to the development of Aleo VR.

Aleo VR Annonce Partenariat Clinique Myriam Gagnon

Participation in the World Innovation Summit for Education - WISE 2019

November 2019

Aleo VR is participating in the 2019 Edition of the World Innovation Summit of Education in Doha, Qatar. 

WISE is an international initiative to transform education through innovation. WISE was established by the Qatar Foundation in 2009. The summit focuses on promoting new approaches in education and research.

Meeting at the Child Development Center

November 2019

The Aleo VR team meets with Kamila Janik, Clinical Program Manager at Child Development Center during our visit to Qatar.

Her expertise allowed us to learn more about the support offered to young people with learning disabilities in the countries where she has practiced. This knowledge made us aware of the reality of various educational systems and the different approaches to the care of these youth.

Aleo VR Child Development Center Qatar
Aleo VR Annonce Partenariat TransMedTech

Partnering with the TransMedTech Institute

June 2019

Aleo VR begins its partnership with theInstitut TransMedTech.

Benefiting from their expertise in developing innovative medical technologies contributes greatly to the development of Aleo VR.

The TransMedTech Institute's mission is to support development, train the next generation of professionals, and make innovation in life sciences and engineering an asset for society.